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The Bibliotenna™ is an RFID enabled intelligent library kiosk that is capable of a number of functions. It provides the ability to do a local search in the library, and ascertain the location of a book down to the row, aisle, and even a quadrant within an aisle. It also allows for a global seach, giving more information about a particular book, located anywhere in the world. In addition, it serves as a book drop box, where the in-built Xtennas can verify each book that is returned. Thus, the Bibliotenna™ effectively allows a library to stay open 24/7.

Bibliotenna – Library Kiosk Machine

UHF Built-in Application
RFID Devices
Bibliotenna - Library Kiosk with two integrated RFID Readers
  Dual TFT touch screens with
independent search
Dual Xtenna™ independently
confirm returned books
In-built receipt printer
Connectivity to central database
Built-in drop box, spring-loaded
cart, book trolley and conveyor
Advantages of Bibliotenna™ Devices:
Local library search
Global book search
Waiting list messaging
Automated check out
Simultaneous multiple book check out
Quicker reshelving and inventory management
Lossless digital transmission
Remotely manageable
Provides integration through Essen’s SIP 2 compliant Library Management Module and Library Database Connectivity with Paid/Free Databases (IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL)