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This device functions as a portal gateway when placed as a pair facing each other up to 5 metres apart. It is useful in tracking personnel, livestock, hospital patients in gurneys, etc. It is also suitable for shopping malls, schools, banks, security establishments, etc.

Porta - Used for Tracking Livestocks

UHF Portal
RFID Reader
Porta – UHF Portal RFID Reader
Read range: 3 - 5 metres
Portal gateway pair
Pair can be spaced 5 metres apart
Advantages of Porta™ RFID Devices:
Can be deployed floor-standing or mountable
Eliminates need for regular on-site power source
Simple plug-and-play device
Overcomes RF limitations
Only requires inexpensive CAT-6 cable that carries 48V DC power simultaneously along with data, allowing the device to be powered from a distance of upto 330 ft.
Lossless digital transmission
Supports Dense Reader Mode
Remotely manageable
Provides enterprise level seamless connectivity with Middleware (Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere Premises Server), Paid/Free Databases (IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL) and ERP applications (SAP)