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Essen’s constant endeavor has been to identify relevant IT trends and technologies that impact business and provide its customers with world-class solutions that are also innovative and cost-effective.

RFID is a rapidly proliferating technology that will soon become an indispensable part of modern life. Internet-based RFID deployment enables closer links with customers, suppliers and partners through instant information that is smarter, faster, easier and more secure. It is an enabling technology that makes financial, process and efficiency benefits available to an organization, resulting in enhanced value internally as well as across and beyond the entire supply chain.

Unlike a bar code label which requires line of sight reading and can only have a single code for all items of a particular product, an RFID tag can identify each individual unit of that product even when it is on the move, besides allowing the data on it to be updated. RFID’s ability to provide data that was previously unavailable has opened up a new world of applications in diverse fields, ranging from logistics and inventory to smart cards and security. This quantum leap from bar code to RFID can be compared to the telecom revolution that has made a similar leap from trunk calls at public call offices to the world of mobile telephony.

Essen is an RFID innovator offering innovative technology in RFID devices that extends reach and scope beyond current usage. It provides comprehensive solutions through effective, scalable RFID platforms that provide reader integration, data filtering, asset location and track-and-trace, device integration and management, process management and architecture administration. It can also set up scalable pilot projects that demonstrate the multiplier effect of RFID in enhancing business efficiency across diverse areas of operation.

Essen is a one-stop shop for organizations seeking to introduce and maximize the benefits of RFID implementation. With a start-to-finish approach, it provides the entire gamut of RFID services - identifying, planning, structuring, procuring, executing, training and maintenance.