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Xtenna Proximity

This device is primarily used for near detection applications such as door access, automated document verification, check-in and check-out counters, conveyor based near-range tracking and as a registration station for associating RFID tags with any device or person in databases.

Xtenna Proximity – Used for Near Detection Applications

UHF Near-range
RFID Antenna/Reader
Xtenna Proximity - UHF Near-range RFID Antenna, Reader
  Read range:
touch - 1 metre
Advantages of Xtenna Proximity™ Devices:
Single integrated unit, easily mountable
Eliminates need for regular on-site power source
Simple plug-and-play device
Overcomes RF limitations
Only requires inexpensive CAT-6 cable that carries 48V DC power simultaneously along with data, allowing the device to be powered from a distance of upto 330 ft.
Lossless digital transmission
Remotely manageable
Provides enterprise level seamless connectivity with Middleware (Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere Premises Server), Paid/Free Databases (IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL) and ERP applications (SAP)