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Essen's Experia™ is the next generation shopping experience, wherein a person visiting a shopping mall, arcade, cinema, restaurant or any store/ point-of-sale receives multiple discount offers or spot incentives in the form of coupons on his cellphone, sent from a device mounted within the premises.

These discount ad coupons are sold in bulk by the mall owner to merchant shops within the mall premises, who then customize and transmit them within the mall area for a nominal charge to the merchant per coupon sent. The system can also be deployed by merchants themselves within stand-alone store premises. The coupons can be utilized by the shopper within a specified period.

Experia™ is a unique opportunity that provides all-round benefits to mall owners, merchants and shoppers, through increased publicity, greater business and turnover, higher returns and an enhanced shopping experience.

Mounted device with dual antennas
75 metres cellphone pickup range
Free-to-use ISM band
Offers to customers within range
Discount coupons direct to cellphones
Captive target audience
Low operating cost
All-round benefits to mall owners, merchants and shoppers
Experia Device with Dual Antennas
Experia Smaller Device Shelf mounted in store


Device with dual antennas mounted within the location premises

Location based offers sent directly to the cellphones of potential customers via ISM band

Coupon validation by merchant from customer's cellphone through OTP generated coupon code

Discount offer coupons to visitors in shopping mall

Experia™ all-round benefits:

Low operating cost
Early break-even
Steady upward income flow
Increased publicity
Expanded visitor profile

Captive target audience
Increased footfalls
High returns on ad spend
Coupon customization options
Dynamic niche marketing within store

Enhanced experience
Attractive discount offers
Customized special offers of interest
Direct additional product information
Can also share the app with others

The system configuration of installed devices is dependant on mall layout in order to ensure adequate coverage of the premises.
Offers are sent to customers only after a prior opt-in message is sent and customer confirmation is received.
For device requirements based
on adequate location coverage,
contact Essen at:

Experia™ features:

Device mounted at location picks up visitors' cellphones within range of point-of-sale

Discount offer coupons are sent to these potential customers after opt-in confirmation

Cellphone based opt-in through NFC or QR code scanning

Offer messages and coupons are sent directly to customers’ cellphones

Easy coupon generation and customization by merchant stores for instant offers

Coupon validation by merchant through OTP generated coupon code

Opt-in customer data for sending individual customized special offers based on previous buying preferences

Targeted coupons for niche items that contain additional product information sent directly to customer’s cellphone

Merchant account management for mall owner

Client account functions for individual merchants within mall premises

Reports and history features

Experia Device for Shopping Malls
Experia™ shopping mall
Experia Device Coupons Opt-in
Experia™ coupon opt-in
Experia Device for Niche Marketing
Experia™ niche marketing