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RFID Integration
RFID Asset TrackingPassive RFID Tags, RFID Technology
RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Integration

Essen's Asset Tracking Module and Pilot Project Kit enable real-time RFID integration that best fits its customer's current and as well as foreseeable needs, both efficiently and affordably.

Essen's RFID hardware platform covers the UHF - Passive range, which is the most widely used spectrum forming the industry standard. Its integration portfolio adheres to multiprotocol EPC Global standards and Savant guidelines.


UHF Passive RFID Tags are reliable, low-cost tags that are ideal for high volume tagging and are especially useful for very small sizes at the item level. These are cheaper, robust and have unlimited lifetime since there is no battery. Essen makes available Passive RFID Tags that are accurate, high performance, cost-effective and can be easily incorporated into packaging.

RFID Labels are tiny Passive Tags that have been embedded into self-adhesive paper or film to create Smart Labels that have information that is encoded and printed onto them. These are very cheap, flexible and can be pasted onto any item, carton or pallet, making them ideal for supply chain management. The labels can also be incorporated into tickets for access control applications. Essen supplies certified RFID Labels in various sizes to suit diverse applications, assuring high quality and best performance through automatic data validation, thus also providing an easy transition from bar codes.


Xtenna™ is an integrated RFID device developed through Essen's own innovative technology. It combines the antenna, reader and power supply in a single compact unit, with a single cable that carries both data and power over long distances without any signal deterioration. Xtenna™ is a convenient, versatile, efficient and cost-effective device that overcomes existing RF limitations.