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RFID in School Children

The safety and security of school children is a serious concern for parents and school officials. Students on their way to school and back are without parental or direct school supervision, and it is essential for guardians to know where and when these young children have got on and off the school bus, whether they have boarded the correct bus, and that they have arrived at school safely.

RFID tracking embedded within student IDs along with remote vehicle monitoring through GPS/GPRS enables easy and efficient management of students travelling in school buses, by ensuring that children have been picked up at their designated bus stop by the correct bus, and have also actually reached school instead of playing truant. The system has built-in alerts that notify the bus attendant if the child attempts to get on the wrong bus or fails to get off the bus. This ensures that little children are not left behind in the bus if they have fallen asleep. Bus tracking through remote monitoring of vehicle route ensures that bus drivers adhere to the specfied route and timings, halt at every pick-up and drop-off bus stop within a pre-determined geo-fenced area, and have responded to alerts.

The system enables messaging that is triggered through RFID that informs guardians if the student gets off at an earlier bus stop, or the bus has been delayed due to traffic. When GPS tracking is available to parents, live status updates of school bus whereabouts can be received by them on their cellphones. They can then view when the school bus is about to arrive, so that they can be at the bus stop to pick up their children.

RFID can also be efficiently deployed by schools to individually monitor the food being served to each student and ensure that it is in accordance with each child’s individual health requirements. Foods which trigger allergies or are temporarily disallowed can be precluded from erroneous selection by the child. RFID tagged student IDs also simplify and automate library check-in and check-out, as well as monitor access to areas having restricted timings such as laboratories, computer rooms and gyms.

Identity cards with embedded RFID can be issued to school staff, bus drivers and attendants. Parents and guardians can also be issued such IDs to ensure that only authorized persons can pick-up students directly from the school premises.

Tracking of very young children in school and on the school bus, is an facility that provides safety and security to students, while providing assurance and peace of mind to their parents, and is fast becoming a necessity in an increasingly turbulent world.
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