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RFID Asset Tracking

RFID in School Children

how Xtenna™ gives you an
advantage in School Children tracking
Does the safety of school children worry you as a parent, teacher or administrator? Is your school bus equipped and monitored to safely and accurately transport children from home to school and back? Is the school equipped to ascertain that school meals are served to each child in accordance with their individual health requirements? Wouldn’t you prefer a system that tracks school buses in real-time, ensures safe and accurate school transport for each child and enables individual health compliance in school meals?

RFID makes it possible. With Essen’s Xtenna-based RFID, you can uniquely identify and accurately track every child in each school bus, as well as monitor individual meal dispensation in school cafeteria.

A radio tag is embedded within each student’s ID card. Each RFID tag has a unique ID number that corresponds to the individual student in the database. RFID identity cards are also issued to school staff members, bus drivers and attendants, as well as the parents and authorized guardians of the school children.

Student Tracking
Student tracking
Each student travelling by school bus is identified with multiple Xtenna™ devices that are fitted inside the bus. Xtenna™ devices are also mounted at the school gates and placed within the school cafeteria. Each school bus is also tracked in real-time with a Strada™ device fitted inside it. Strada™ provides constant location updates and enables remote monitoring of each bus on its route by the administrator.

Xtennas are extended range RFID reader-antennas that send and pick up signals from every tagged ID card, and transmit them to a central database. Resulting in instant identification and tracking, in a way similar to a cell phone communicating with a signal tower. The system supports seamless integration and backend connectivity with Oracle, DB2 and SQL, and ERP such as SAP.

School Bus Tracking
School bus tracking
Providing real-time automated tracking, highest accuracy and improved monitoring, that enables effective school bus management, enhanced security, increased assurance and greater overall well-being of each student.
Accurate identification
Real-time tracking
Route adherence
Compliance monitoring
Confirmation messaging
Guardian verification
RFID for School Children
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RFID People Tracking
lossless digital transmission
long distance data and power
easy integration
high performance
improves monitoring
ensures compliance
enhances security
effective bus management
smooth operations
greater overall efficiency
helps your business
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