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RF in Shopping Malls

At a time when shopping is increasingly done online, shopping malls need to step up to the challenge to retain their position in the minds of customers. This can be done by leveraging their own strengths as well as adapting some online sales strategies to the physical store. New technologies that make online shopping popular can also be profitably employed by shopping malls to provide the customer with options as well as opportunities that are not possible online.

Shopping malls primarily cater to the “experience shopper” who wishes to feel and try out before purchasing, while at the same time indulging in a meal or a movie with the family or group and having a pleasant shopping-cum-outing in the process. This shopping experience therefore needs to be enhanced in order attract customers, and then make them come again and again for more.

Essen’s Experia™ enables shopping malls provide such a next generation shopping experience through real-time integration of its mobile app with the physical store. Its RF technology deploys the free-to-use ISM radio band that can be picked up by cellphones within the mall premises, allowing shopping malls on behalf of participating merchant stores to uniquely reach out to shoppers — through instantly customizable shopping incentives that reward the customer for being in the right place at the right time to avail of spot offers and special discounts.

By both creating as well as tracking customer intent at physical stores, RF deployment through ISM-band along with its mobile application takes shopping at malls to the next level by providing an enhanced shopping experience for the customer and simultaneously profiting the merchant store and the mall-owner — resulting in a win-win experience with all-round benefits.
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