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The primary requirement in most gated communities today is security. Yet, more often that not, this security simply comprises of a security guard at the entrance who asks some very rudimentary questions, if at all. It is easy for an outsider to enter the community without being questioned or stopped at the gate. On top of this, many legitimate residents are often held up before they are allowed to enter their own community, simply because the security guard doesn't recognise them.

The answer to this problem is an automated system that eliminates human errors and delays. The most viable and efficient automated system is one based on Radio Frequency technology (RFID). It involves fixing a tiny radio tag onto the windscreen of cars belonging to the community. As they approach the gate of the community, an antenna senses the tag and automatically opens the gate to let them in. Thus, the guard never needs to stop legitimate residents of the community. However, when a non resident car approaches the community, the gate will not slide open, and the guard will be able to ascertain whether they have a legitimate reason for entering the community, or whether they should be denied access.

This technology allows for a streamlined, simple and efficient access solution to gated communities. However, it also allows for a solution within gated communities or corporate campuses / buildings, with respect to parking. RFID provides an access control solution for parking towers and it tracks and tabulates how many cars are parked on each floor. This lets it calculate how many free spaces there are and where those spaces are located, to provide the information to people entering the parking tower. This eliminates the process of having to find a parking spot - the minute the person enters the parking lot/tower, he knows exactly where he will have an open spot.

RFID also provides a visitor access control solution for corporations. If a visitor is expected, the security guard already has a pre-created RFID tag visitor card. Once the visitor arrives, the card is handed over after due identification. The visitor card is detected and the host in the company simultaneously receives a notification that the visitor has passed the gate. This gives him/her adequate time to prepare for the meeting and greet the visitor as required. The visitor card also gives the visitor access to the building where his meeting is, for a limited period of time. This eliminates dual security checks, makes for a more pleasant visitor experience, and creates a more efficient visitor management process.
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