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Xtenna Devices

Innovations from Essen that overcome current RFID shortcomings, extend reach, improve and optimize operations, and therefore extend functionality beyond existing applications - Essen RFID's Xtenna™ devices are ready-to-use integrated RFID devices that give superior performance, are easy and convenient to use, extremely cost-effective and offer faster ROI.

Proximity Xtenna™

Read range:
upto 3 - 12 inches

HI Res
LO Res
Education Kit


Dual Circular Polarized Antennas with Integrated RFID Reader
  Xtenna Plus™ read range
  Longer read range:
upto 17 meters (a distance of 3 full-size car lengths)
using Passive UHF tags
Advantages of Xtenna™ RFID Devices:
Single integrated unit, easily mountable
Eliminates need for regular on-site power source
Simple plug-and-play device
Overcomes RF limitations
Only requires inexpensive CAT-6 cable that carries 48V DC power simultaneously along with data, allowing the device to be powered from a distance of upto 330 ft.
Lossless digital transmission
Supports Dense Reader Mode
Remotely manageable
Provides enterprise level seamless connectivity with Middleware (Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere Premises Server), Paid/Free Databases (IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL) and ERP applications (SAP)