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RFID Asset Tracking
Strada PLUS

Essen’s Strada PLUS™ is a vehicle tracking and diagnostics platform that enables live tracking and mapping of vehicles on the move from a remote location, as well as retreives vehicle dashboard and diagnostics data remotely to a server. Strada PLUS’ tracking and diagnostics service provides continuous location updates and monitors various data parameters from a vehicle-fitted device, to a Server accessible online by the user.

The hardware device can be easily fitted at any of our authorized dealer garages at various locations. The device is fully compliant with existing OBD II protocols and is future-ready for upcoming mandatory vehicle requirements. It communicates with the online Server through satellite via broadband GPRS and can be tracked remotely by the user from anywhere across the globe.

Vehicle-fitted device
Remote tracking and mapping
Live online tracking
Remote vehicle diagnostics
Remote dashboard instrument data
Live status monitoring and alerts
Vehicle efficiency statistics
Satellite + broadband GPRS
Global coverage
Economical price
Low operating cost

On-board device fitted inside vehicle

Live remote tracking of vehicle through satellite

Live remote diagnostics and dashboard data

Strada PLUS™ enables effective and enhanced fleet management of multiple vehicles through live monitoring, mapping and tracking of vehicle as well as detailed vehicle diagnostics, status and instrument data. By improving operational efficiency and vehicle optimization, it is highly suitable for cargo fleet owners, couriers, bus operators, security vehicles, emergency vehicles, corporate users and public transport. Individual vehicle owners can also benefit from all the above vehicle management features.

Strada PLUS™ is available at a very cost-effective price. Online tracking and diagnostics is done through user login on browsers and smartphone applications at an economical subscription fee.

  • Advantages of Strada PLUS™:
  • On-board device enables live tracking and diagnostics of vehicle on the move
  • Enables online tracking and real-time diagnostics from a remote location
  • Enables performance optimization, preventive maintenance, effective driver supervision and corrective measures
  • Fleet management of multiple vehicles
  • Each vehicle can be tracked and its performance monitored live online at an economical subscription fee
  • Add-on available for cargo tracking
The on-board device includes a SIM card which enables connection. The online subscription fee is inclusive of SIM charges. Diagnostic features are available only if and to the extent supported by the vehicle manufacturer.

For installation and activation of your device, please click on the following link to select a dealer garage at a convenient location, servicing your vehicle model:

Device activation is via scratch card entry of ID no. into vehicle owner’s cellphone.

Contact Essen at:
  • Strada PLUS™ diagnostics features:
  • Includes all STRADA™ vehicle tracking features
  • Live dashboard data of vehicle performance, speed, engine data, fuel consumption, etc.
  • Live remote diagnostics of vehicle operational data, status monitoring, DTC and alerts
  • Detail diagnostics of performance, fuel, airflow, speed, distance, time, transmission, emissions, environment and system parameters
  • Vehicle efficiency management
  • Customizable configuration and settings
  • Reports and history features
Strada PLUS ™ main screen
Strada PLUS™ dashboard screen
Strada PLUS™ diagnostics screen