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RFID Asset Tracking
Essen’s Logistra™ is a vehicle-mounted logistics tracking platform that performs live tracking of vehicles on the move as well as of the cargo inside those vehicles. Logistra’s tracking service provides continuous location updates from tags affixed on cargo being transported, through a Tracking Server mounted on top of the delivery truck. This vehicle-mounted Server is a self- powered device with built-in satellite tracking. It is used in conjunction with Metallica™ Cargo Tags affixed to each item that is to be tracked. These tags are multiple usage and long-lasting, light-weight yet heavy-duty. They communicate with the Server on the vehicle via ISM band. Each Server can be tracked online through satellite, allowing live tracking of consignments all over the globe.
Vehicle-fitted tracking device
Multiple usage cargo tags
Live online tracking
Satellite + ISM band
Global coverage
Economical price
Low operating cost


Self-powered truck-mounted Server device with built-in satellite tracking

Live online tracking of truck as well as Metallica™ Cargo Tags inside truck

  • Advantages of Logistra™ cargo tracking:
  • Server device on-the-move at source of tracking
  • Eliminates need for portal tracking at various scattered locations across journey
  • Each server can be tracked online at an economical subscription fee irrespective of the number of tags it monitors
  • Integrated vehicle and cargo tracking
The Server device includes a SIM card which enables connection. The online tracking fee is inclusive of SIM charges. Server is self-powered by a solar charger and internal battery. Tags can withstand 10 % acid sol., base, kerosene, diesel, ammonia, basic solvents, 150° C temp. Tags can be affixed by adhesive tape, nailed, riveted or tied to any carton, crate or even unpacked objects. Each tag’s built-in battery will last for over three years at one consignment per week usage.
* Tracking consists of simultaneous status of all tags by a server, every 15 minutes live. Optional faster tracking available.
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  • Logistra™ cargo tracking features:
  • Individual Server tracking
  • Fleet tracking and summary
  • Constant tag status updates
  • Alerts for tags and vehicles
  • Easy tag reallotment for multiple usage
  • Reports and history features
  • Package includes STRADA™ vehicle tracking
Logistra™ main screen
Logistra™ screen 2
Logistra™ screen 3