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The RFID Case Study Book
RFID is one of the hottest new technologies around and it will impact our livesmuch more than we realize

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Patni enables Animal Tracking - “Farm to Plate”, using RFID
Patni helped its client implement a high-tech “Animal Traceability” System, to help it meet new European and US government regulations and expand its leadership in the South American market.
Patni helps a mid-sized manufacturing company develop a business case for
implementing RFID
Using its proprietary ROI tool for RFID deployments, Patni helped the client gain a realistic understanding of the investments that would be needed to successfully deploy RFID.
RFID Applications in Patient Tracking  
Radio Frequency IDentificaton (RFID) technology is not new if we recollect that we used this technology to identify friendly aircraft during World War II. However, with the falling prices of passive tags, RFID has thus become attractive.
Smart ticketing for mass transit    
While the advantages of smartcard-based contactless ticketing are by now well understood, the deployment of such solutions in mass transit applications has been held back by the relatively high cost of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips required.
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