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RF in Shopping Malls

how Experia™ gives you an
advantage in Shopping Malls
Is your shopping mall or merchant store experiencing fewer footfalls? Are your visitors not converting into buyers in increased numbers? Wouldn’t you prefer a system that attracts more visitors and provides a captive target audience, thereby increasing customers, stock turnover and sales?

Experia™ makes it possible. With Essen‘s Experia-enhanced shopping, you can achieve higher returns through incremental sales at nominal cost.

This system lets you send spot bargains and discount offers directly to shoppers’ cellphones within range of sale location, allowing you to dynamically customize and adjust customer incentives according to your current unsold levels.

Essen’s Experia™ deploys ISM-band antennas at convenient locations within the mall area. These devices pick up visitors’ cellphones within range to send them discount offers. These are transmitted inside the mall by participating merchant stores through an opt-in Experia™ mobile application that can be installed within a few seconds at the mall entrance.

The offers and bargain incentives are displayed as coupons within the Experia™ app and have to be redeemed by the shopper at the participating stores within a predefined duration. The shopper’s coupon is validated at the store and the discount applied on that purchase. The system supports seamless integration and backend connectivity between mall owner and participating merchant stores, enabling easy coupon customization as well as real-time coupon issue, redemption and balance status.

An opt-in customer who downloads the mobile app receives location-based discount and offer coupons on her cellphone, within the mall premises. Coupons redeemed by the shopper at the participating merchant store are validated by the merchant from the shopper’s cellphone app through an OTP generated coupon code and the discount is then applied on the purchase.

Coupon Redemption
Coupon redemption
These coupons are instantly generated, instantly customized, instantly transmitted and meant for immediate redemption by the shopper within a very short time window. This real-time process allows merchant stores to issue coupons to a captive target audience in the form of spot incentives and surprise discount offers that take care of live and immediate situations as they occur, in order to prevent wastage of perishable stock, reduce unsold levels or overcome slack business hours. Since the cost per coupon is nominal, even a minimal incremental sale enables easy break-even on the quantity of coupons transmitted.

Furthermore, registered customers with a purchase history can now be offered additional discounts and also special product information when a particular offer matches their purchase profile. These special privilege coupons can be dynamically generated, thereby making a physical loyalty card unnecessary.

Dynamic Target Area
Dynamic target area
Making Experia™ a unique opportunity that provides all-round benefits to mall owners, merchant stores and shoppers, through increased publicity, greater business, higher returns and an enhanced shopping experience.
Coupons at nominal cost
Instant coupon customization
Spot offers
Dynamic targeted sales
Niche marketing
Direct discount incentives
RFID Retail
get the
RF ISM-band
+ mobile app
free-to-use ISM band
opt-in mobile app for shopper
very low operating cost
captive target audience
dynamic stock optimization
benefits for mall owners
benefits for merchant stores
benefits for shoppers
increased business
higher returns and profits
enhanced mall experience
helps your business
take the next step forward