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RFID Asset Tracking

RFID in Logistics

how Xtenna™ gives you an
advantage in the Logistics business
Working overtime to deliver on time? Overloaded with multiple schedules and destinations? Wouldn't it be great to have an option that is faster, easier, more accurate and economical as well?

RFID makes it possible. With Essen's Xtenna-based RFID, you can uniquely identify and accurately track every single package at every stage in its transit.

This ID system lets you constantly monitor your shipments and is integrated with a database system that records transit data, automates billing and enables information exchange over the internet.

A tiny radio tag is affixed on each package. Tags are also attached to pallets, containers and trailers enabling multi-level tracking. Each tag has a unique ID number that corresponds to an individual package or container. These tagged packages are identified with multiple Xtennas that are mounted at various locations in the depot or warehouse. The Xtennas send and pick up signals from every tagged package, transmitting them to a central database resulting in instant identification and tracking.

Logistics Management System
Sorting packages
 Real Time Tracking
Package retrieval
Xtennas can be integrated to conveyor systems that sort each individual package according to its destination, in an area-wise grouping system that facilitates easy mass shipment to zonal hubs and onward segregation to local destinations.

Resulting in streamlined operations, improved security, quicker transit, cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction.
Real time tracking
Loading and shipment accuracy
Time guaranteed delivery
Event tracking
Yard management
Theft prevention
Safety monitoring
Baggage transfer
RFID Logistics
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RFID Asset Tracking
lossless digital transmission
long distance data and power
easy integration
high performance
saves time
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improves customer service
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