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RFID Asset Tracking

RFID in Livestock

how Xtenna™ gives you an
advantage in the Livestock business
In a cattle farm having thousands of head of cattle, wouldn’t it be great if you could identify and locate every single one of them with pin-point accuracy?

RFID makes it possible. With Essen’s Xtenna-based RFID, you can uniquely identify and accurately locate your entire livestock.

And that is not all. This animal ID system lets you constantly monitor your cattle round the clock, and is integrated with a database system that records the lifecycle of every animal, enabling individualized yield improvement, disease control, genealogy tracking and overall farm efficiency.

A tiny harmless radio tag is implanted in the earlobe of every animal. Each tag has a unique ID number that will now correspond to that particular animal for the rest of its life. The tagged animal is located with multiple Xtennas that are located at various locations all over the farm. These Xtennas send and pick up signals from every tagged animal, transmitting them to a central database resulting in instant identification and tracking.
Livestock Management
Tracking animals
Access Control
Access control
Each Xtenna is integrated with an access control system that lets you segregate individual animals or groups according to your requirements and the unique needs of each animal.

Resulting in customized attention and treatment for every single animal even in a herd of thousands, and a manifold overall improvement in your cattle farm..
Animal identification
Animal segregation
Record keeping and history
Monitoring underperformers
Isolated treatment
Location tracking
Feed optimization
Origin and generation tracking
Lifecycle tracking
Tracking source of end product
RFID Livestock
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RFID Asset Tracking
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