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RFID Asset Tracking

RFID in Documents

how Xtenna™ gives you an
advantage in Document tracking
Has managing physical documents securely and efficiently, become an increasingly difficult task? Is your document custody management hampered due to lack of automated verification and control? Wouldn’t you prefer a system that saves time, enhances security, ensures compliance and provides efficient document tracking and management?

RFID makes it possible. With Essen’s Xtenna-based RFID, you can uniquely identify and accurately track every physical document and file in your custody.

This ID system lets you constantly monitor your documents by recording document storage, automating verification, and tracking incoming and outgoing file movement at multiple locations within the premises.

A radio tag is affixed on each document and file that is to be tracked. Each RFID tag has a unique ID number that corresponds to the individual document or file in the database. When documents as well as files are tagged, multi-level tracking is possible for individual documents within each file.
Conveyor file dispatch
Conveyor file dispatch

Each tagged document or file is identified with multiple Xtennas that are mounted at various locations within the premises, including within both ends of a conveyor that passes through the storeroom wall. Xtennas are extended range RFID reader-antennas that send and pick up signals from every tagged document and file, and transmit them to a central database, resulting in instant identification and tracking. The system also supports seamless integration and backend connectivity with Oracle, DB2 and SQL, and ERP such as SAP.

File verification
File verification
Providing real-time automated tracking, superior visibility and highest accuracy, that enables effective file management, enhanced security and greater overall efficiency.
Efficient storage
Faster retrievals
Accurate dispatch
Real-time tracking
Automated verification
Confirmed receipts and returns
RFID Retail
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RFID Asset Tracking
lossless digital transmission
long distance data and power
easy integration
high performance
saves time
ensures compliance
enhances security
effective file management
smooth operations
greater overall efficiency
helps your business
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