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RFID Asset Tracking


Tracking products, cartons and pallets - from
small start-ups to enterprise level supply chain

Essen RFID’s GENERA™ tags provide enhanced read range compared to standard passive UHF tags for similar usage - over 40 feet with fixed readers and 12 feet with hand held readers, under European ETSI standards.

Absolute reliability and accuracy, with superior read rates on wood, plastic and non-metallic material. One side coated with industrial grade adhesive for good bonding.

Having an enhanced read range and reduced size, GENERA™ tags combine the best of both worlds - tags that can be read at longer distances, but having a smaller footprint. This makes them ideal for:
- Carton and pallet tracking
- Inventory management
- Transit tracking
- Distribution and retail

Genera RFID Tags - Tracking, cartons, pallets and Inventory Management
Special RFID Tags for
longer read distances
For cartons, cases, pallets, etc.
EPC Global Class-1 Gen-2 compliant
Read distance: 40 ft. (fixed reader)
Read distance: 12 ft. (handheld reader)
Tag size: 85mm x 55mm x 0.8mm
Adhesive affixing

Simultaneous reading of multiple
tags saves time and effort

Real time location tracking of
individual tags within premises

GENERA™ RFID tags can be customized and incorporated within company labels for large-scale use on product inventory, cartons, pallets, etc. Also suitable for tagging finished goods and products.
  ISO/IEC 18000-6C  
EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2  
Integrated Circuit IC with 800 bits of nonvolatile memory
Operating Frequency 840 - 960 MHz
EPC Size 96 - 480 bits
User Memory 512 bits
TID 32 bits
Unique TID 64 bits
Access Password 32 bits
Kill Password 32 bits
Operating Limits -20°C to +70°C *
20% to 90% RH non-condensing
Drop Resistance Per ASTM D5276
Write Cycles 100,000
RoHs 2002/95/EC compliant
ESD - HBM / CDM > 5.0 kV / > 1.5 kV
Dimensions 85 mm x 55 mm x 0.8 mm
Note: All distances in free air. Optimized for Xtenna™
Essen reserves the right to modify specifications without notice, as part of continuous quality improvement.