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RFID Asset Tracking

RFID in Trucks/Routes

how Xtenna™ gives you an
advantage in Truck tracking
Is there dispatch inefficiency at your plant due to time wasted in truck loading? Are your loading bays underutilized because trucks take too much time in your plant from entry to exit? Are your point-to-point dispatches not meeting delivery schedules? Wouldn’t you prefer a solution that enables efficient utilization of loading bays and quick dispatch of trucks, as well as en-route tracking to their destinations, through a system that is easy, accurate and can be remotely monitored in real-time?

RFID makes it possible. With Essen’s Xtenna-based RFID, you can uniquely identify and monitor each truck within your plant from entry to loading, weighing and exit, and also track its movement till it reaches its delivery destination.

This ID system lets you maximize your dispatch operations while minimizing truck hold-ups and waiting time at the plant, and then provides real-time tracking in transit and delivery confirmation. It is integrated with a database system that streamlines truck loading movement, records weighment data, logs timings and maps transit along delivery route.

A radio tag is issued to every truck entering the plant premises. Each RFID tag has a unique ID number that corresponds to the individual vehicle to which the tag has been issued. Each tagged vehicle is located with Xtenna devices that are mounted at entry/exit gates, weighbridges, loading bays and other areas within the plant premises.
Loading bay operation
Xtennas are extended range RFID reader-antennas that send and pick up signals from every tagged vehicle and transmit them to a central database, resulting in instant identification and tracking. The system also supports seamless integration and backend connectivity with Oracle, DB2 and SQL, and ERP such as SAP.
Radio Frequency Identification
Route monitoring
Enabling optimum utilization of loading bays, improved dispatch synchronization, easy management of goods transportation, quick transit and greater overall efficiency.
Truck requisition
Truck loading and dispatch
Real-time vehicle tracking
Real-time goods tracking
Transit mapping
Delivery confirmation
Trip fuel monitoring
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RFID Asset Tracking
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