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RFID Innovations
Essen RFID TechnologyESSEN RFID India
  • Coal India
  • tifr
  • BPCL
  • Ghost worker tracking, RFID UHF /Visitor management system
  • Delegate Personal Tracking
  • RFID enabled COE Module/ RFID reader module
  • Honeywell
  • CXO/Executive RFID Reader
  • ST Johnes
  • Solar Giant incorporates
  • RFID cards /Metallic asset tracking module
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Corp
  • RFID enabled COE Module/ RFID reader module
Essen RFID
Radio Frequency Identification
Barcode Substitution
Xtenna Radio Frequency Identification Device
ESSEN Xtenna RFID Tags
Unlike a bar code label which requires line of sight reading and can only have a single code for all items of a particular product, an RFID tag can identify each individual unit of that product even when it is on the move, besides allowing the data on it to be updated.

An innovation that overcomes even current RFID shortcomings, extends reach, improves & optimizes operations, and therefore extends functionality beyond current applicatons - Essen's Xtenna™ is a ready to use integrated RFID device that is both convenient and extremely cost-effective.
High-performance Innovative Technology Enterprise Platform Connectivity
tracking people
advanced reader and dual antennas in a single unit
global standards compliant
lossless digital transmission
long-distance data & power
used in varied environments
supports DRM
superior tag readability
IP54 compliant, IP65 option
connectivity for existing large enterprise middleware platforms - Microsoft BizTalk RFID and IBM WebSphere Premises Server
database connector for Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 and open source databases
SAP connector for ERP applications
full-scale RFID middleware platform with connectivity plug-ins - Xtenna Studio™
device management - Xtenna WebToolkit™
software API options for smaller applications
vehicle access/parking
livestock tracking
bulk cartons and pallets
liquid containers
metallic objects and racks
container cargo
special tags for documents, laundry and solar panels
Integrated Solutions
RFID based solutions in diverse areas such as Asset Tracking, Inventory Verification, Personnel Tracking, Visitor Management, Student Tracking, Boarding/Disembarking Tracking, Access Control, Smart Cards, Library Management, Club Management, Kiosk Ordering, Electronic Toll Collection, Truck Dispatch Management, Vehicle Tracking, Parking Management, Mining Ore Transportation, Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Livestock Management, Laundry Management, Document Tracking, Automated Proof of Delivery, Cargo Tracking, Real-time Location of Goods, Product Security, Production Process Tracking, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Distribution and Retail, Targeted Marketing
Top reasons
to choose
RFID technology
over barcodes
  • Barcode readers require a direct line of sight to the printed barcode; RFID readers do not require a direct line of sight. This applies to passive RFID tags and RFID solutions which can be customized to cater to the RFID India market.
  • A barcode read range is not more than five to ten feet. RFID tags can be read at distances of up to 50 feet. Xtenna™ based RFID can read RFID tags from larger distances. These long read ranges have been demonstrated in the RFID India market.
  • RFID readers have an inherent capability to read RFID tags much faster. RFID readers that support Dense Reader Module have the capacity to read up to 40 tags per second.
  • Reading barcodes is a time-consuming matter. This is on account of a direct line of sight which is required. In some cases, if the items are not properly aligned to the reader it may take seconds to read an individual barcode.
  • Barcode readers tend to take a half-second or more to successfully complete a single read. The RFID India market requires faster RFID tag read rates due to larger quantities and volumes required to be processed and read.
  • One of the biggest limitations associated with barcodes is line of sight which limits the ruggedness of barcodes. It also results in limiting reusability factor for barcodes. On account of line of sight, the printed barcode label strip must be exposed at all times for the product, as a result of which it is subject to greater wear and tear.
  • RFID tags are far more rugged than barcodes, since the RFID chip is better encased in a plastic cover. RFID tags can also be embedded in the product itself, thereby ensuring greater ruggedness and reusability.
  • RFID solutions requiring rugged RFID tags are Library RFID, Retail RFID, RFID Asset Tracking, RFID Supply Chain and Laundry RFID.
  • Barcodes do not have read & write capability, i.e., information or data cannot be added onto a printed barcode label. However RFID tags allow you to read, write, re-write & lock data or information thereby making communication possible between RFID reader and tag. The RFID India market requires such RFID tags.
  • RFID technology in India can be deployed for a variety of applications such as Library RFID, Retail RFID, RFID Asset Tracking, RFID Supply Chain and Livestock RFID.
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